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Christopher Walken wizard of weird characters

there can be no shame in admitting to be a fan of the wizard of weird characters, , who can be as comedic as villainous. Around the Bend (2004) is a story of how four generations of Lair family men are brought together by the eccentric patriarch () to face the issues that have kept them apart for years. Turner (Walken) reluctantly reunites with his son, Jason () and meets his grandson, Zach (), for the first time. when Henry’s plan to rekindle a sense of family by taking a trip becomes altered by his death, Turner and Jason are forced to work out how to honor his dying wish, as stated in his will written at a local KFC and witnessed by an employee and patron, to have his ashes scattered at various locations throughout the Southwest where he spent his career as an archaeologist.

one of my favorite lines was delivered by Walken, describes an underlying thread of the story, and goes something like this:

“my father spent his lifetime digging up old shit.”

while it won awards at indy film fests, this otherwise little known gem digs at values, with performances by a wonderful cast punctuated by another good weird character delivered with simple panache as only Walken can. funny, sad, riveting, it is worth renting, even adding to your indy film library.

Da Vinci Code, the movie, a disappointing melodrama

read the book, it’s more entertaining.

, the movie, is an over-hyped, disappointing melodrama that doesn’t quite capture the suspense or controversy of ‘s book. looks absolutely idiotic in his jet black coif that makes you wonder ‘what were they thinking,’ and (who was perfectly charming in ‘‘) isn’t all that convincing in her character. there wasn’t enough characterization to make sense of some of the key players, and too many events and twists were relegated to simply scenes in a terribly predictable plot.

i’m a fanatic for and , and, for reasons i will not divulge here, particularly interested in the controversial story. my daughter asked if i had ever seen the pyramid in front of the Louvre, but designed and built it (1989) long after my student days in ; so, i’ve not experienced its reportedly magical draw or effect on people. you will have to judge for yourself if there should be anything read into its significance, other than the fact that Pei is a genius of design.

what goes around…

the next time you walk into a restaurant, keep in mind that the kid behind the counter is doing a job, and a tough one at that, for ridiculously paltry pay and probably no benefits. what i hate hearing about is the mindless patron who takes some sort of twisted pleasure in behaving obnoxiously toward the kid who is patiently preparing her order, in spite of rudely barked changes and condescending remarks.

hey! what if it was your kid who had to contend with that poor excuse for a human being?

stop and think about it: that kid just might be the assistant manager, or manager, and could be the future owner who would exercise the right to refuse to serve you and ban you from her establishment.

what goes around, comes around…

to return just what you dished out.

secrets of the universe

ok, so the resolution is awful; methinks it’s the webcam…i need a new one.

here’s lookin’ at you

testing the webcam i was just messing around with my laptop webcam. the resolution isn’t the greatest; then again, my eyes aren’t, either.

exalted supreme conflict of interest

in Asia, 3 is a ; therefore, 9 is unbelievably lucky. this story smacks of the unbelievable, indeed, as in not to be believed as true luck, but as only if you’re the one in complete control of the outcome:

PYONGYANG—After winning his ninth $10 million lottery jackpot in as many weeks, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il continues to be “stunned” by his good luck. “Certainly the fates smile with a benevolent countenance upon myself, the most Exalted Supreme Leader-For-Life of the great nation of Korea!” said Kim, who acts as Chairman of the National Democratic Council, Commander of the National Defense Commission, Supreme Director of the North Korean Powerball and MegaMillions Lotteries, and General Secretary of the Worker’s Party of . “Truly, heaven has blessed me once again with great wealth, as well as the love of my people!” The dictator said the winnings come at a particularly fortuitous time, as he is currently broke after spending all of his previous eight jackpots on plutonium.

money makes the world go around…

it seems the consumer has no rights…

  • the Fed government leaves your information open to anyone
  • Congress wants to restrict your right to freeze your credit info
  • higher fees counterbalance a higher payment toward principal
  • credit card companies can charge you for your problems with other credit card companies
  • bankruptcy still protects the unscrupulous and punishes the honest

there are few incentives to save, when it costs so much to survive. National debt rises, while would rather spend at higher cost than save at lower returns.

where are the winners in this scenario?

just around the corner to grab everything they can. you elected this gang: