life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

over the lips to the hips

you are what you eat, plain and simple. it makes no sense to me to blame the restaurant industry for what is on the menu, when the consumer is the one making choices on what to eat.

food for thought:

  • it takes about 72 hours to digest red meat
  • it requires gastric acid in your stomach to digest food
  • mashed potatoes are alkaline
  • cold liquids inhibit the digestive process
  • you may not be eating enough fresh fruits and veggies
  • there is a correlation between cholesterol and fatty foods
  • you can choose to burn calories, or keep the fat
  • muscle burns calories
  • lose muscle, gain fat
  • you are responsible for what you eat

do you get it?

you are what you eat!

one local fire department has gone (except, it looks like they still wear their leather shoes) to trim down and reduce their cholesterol levels. perhaps the local police department should follow the example.

a small percentage of our population can legitimately relate excessive weight to thyroid or other health issues. stress may be triggered by external factors; but only you can learn to deal with it.

there’s only one issue i’d really like to find the solution for: . i’m a marathoner, i’ll be coaching hopeful marathoners this season, i’ve always maintained a healthy regimen of good food choices and exercise.

by what i eat, i should be an asparagus; but, I’m classified an ‘apple.’

this, i don’t get!


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