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web 4.0?

what’s with everything version 2.0 – the Web, Al Gore, Google? should i consider myself at version 2.0 of my life cycle?

if Google is the model of , then we’re probably moving into web 2.5, if not . why?

web 101 (ver 1.0) was putting information on the web via static html pages. how exciting. well, c’mon, it was back then!

but, what if we could respond to that information online? whoa, jim! what’s this electronic bulletin board thingy about? yahoo chat rooms? newsgroups?

but, wait, there’s more: what if we could control our own little worlds, write a blog, dynamically connect any blog in web universe, build a wiki simply by tagging words?

but, wait – there’s still more: what if we could deliver audio, better yet, video on the web and to your portable devices? a nifty little interface called can do just that, and it doesn’t matter where the stuff resides, only whether or not we can get applications to work with each other.

the current buzzword for the current trend is ‘,’ tying together different applications written in different (web programming or scripting) languages to allow interoperability among computer networks.

phew! that was a mouthful, and hopefully i stated it correctly.

so, if web services is 3.0, when we overcome the hurdle of getting your car connected to the same stuff as your house, will that be…

web 4.0?


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  Great Wahini wrote @

OMG! even commercials are version 2.0! isn’t this concept a bit overdone?

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