life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

day of infamy, or just another date?

today’s date is what you want to make of it.

the religiously , perhaps just plain superstitious, want to believe this is a most unlucky day; some expecting armageddon. some folks, such as my favorite morning radio dj, are gleefully joking about the significance of the numbers:

6-6-6 = the fertilizer for satan’s lawn
00666 = the devil’s zip code
999 = the devil down under
66 = downsized devil
$6.66 = per-minute call rate to the Beast
DCLXVI = Roman numeral of the Beast

the silliness goes on.

some pregnant women either had labor induced yesterday, or rescheduled c-sections for tomorrow (crossing their fingers that the baby will actually wait).

all i know is that traffic is nuts and i’m dealing with particularly difficult issues, today. i haven’t checked the weather, storm forecasts or volcanic activity.

it would be wonderful if, instead of approaching 99, today’s temperature could be 66F.


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