life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

money makes the world go around…

it seems the consumer has no rights…

  • the Fed government leaves your information open to anyone
  • Congress wants to restrict your right to freeze your credit info
  • higher fees counterbalance a higher payment toward principal
  • credit card companies can charge you for your problems with other credit card companies
  • bankruptcy still protects the unscrupulous and punishes the honest

there are few incentives to save, when it costs so much to survive. National debt rises, while would rather spend at higher cost than save at lower returns.

where are the winners in this scenario?

just around the corner to grab everything they can. you elected this gang:


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  Angela wrote @

Hi thanks for the visit and I was born in the UK and came to Oz when I was 16 many moons ago. Glad to see you are still around Take care {v} Angela

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