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Da Vinci Code, the movie, a disappointing melodrama

read the book, it’s more entertaining.

, the movie, is an over-hyped, disappointing melodrama that doesn’t quite capture the suspense or controversy of ‘s book. looks absolutely idiotic in his jet black coif that makes you wonder ‘what were they thinking,’ and (who was perfectly charming in ‘‘) isn’t all that convincing in her character. there wasn’t enough characterization to make sense of some of the key players, and too many events and twists were relegated to simply scenes in a terribly predictable plot.

i’m a fanatic for and , and, for reasons i will not divulge here, particularly interested in the controversial story. my daughter asked if i had ever seen the pyramid in front of the Louvre, but designed and built it (1989) long after my student days in ; so, i’ve not experienced its reportedly magical draw or effect on people. you will have to judge for yourself if there should be anything read into its significance, other than the fact that Pei is a genius of design.


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  Michael Greg wrote @

That’s professional. I will wait for the video! You saved me about $25.

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