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who ok’d israel’s ok?

this headline blew me away: Israel OKs Wider Offensive. really!?! WHO ok’d Israel’s ok?

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mick’s prime time

holly bageebees, batman! is going – in his prime time! he has reportedly scored a recurring spot on a sitcom called “.” gotta see that!

why do we have such a love affair with a 60+-year-old rock star? well, perhaps it’s because he’s a living legend. perhaps it’s because he still puts on a good show with his spastic onstage gyrations. whatever it is, he is undeniably one of the free world’s most captivating and interesting personalities, with those natural fish lips and all!

he’s also quite learned, having studied economics before trading financial tables for financial worth. yep, mick, you rock!

something for the candidates on to aspire to for their retirement years, eh?

meanwhile, in other parts of

  • digs himself a deeper hole
  • gives new meaning to ‘loose and fancy free’
  • ‘ partner is just so proud of him for coming out (keep it clean!)
  • can now add ‘environmental engineer’ to his resume for picking up trash as community service in NYC (and without his typically eccentric locks or makeup), and
  • ‘s death (1997) is big news once again

white collar wage for blue collar job

i have long held the opinion that are at the root of the imbalance of wage scales between white collar professionals and blue collar laborers. even though and moving manufacturing overseas have impacted the workforce across the board, dictate that there will be lasting and future repercussions of paying white collar wages for blue collar jobs.

now, we need truckers, miners and all the tradesmen who build our roadways and houses, and more. my concern is that, in spite of the salad of politically correct talk tossed around by our elected officials and school districts that we need to get more girls into math and science, or that our kids cannot compete with their better-trained (and more disciplined) foreign counterparts, our kids are finding it more difficult to land well-paying jobs after we parents have doled out thousands of dollars for their .

i have no problem with the fact that college grads are finding the sky-high entry salaries fewer and further between. they need to EARN those salaries, not feel entitled to them!

i do have a problem with our kids coming out of college and having to accept pay scales that may be only slightly better than non-college educated workers. there’s something wrong with this picture, and i’m personally offended by the notion that a high-school educated (if even) laborer can make more than the teacher who put that person through high school!

the reason this country’s so screwed up is because our values have gone topsy turvy. some will say that people in dangerous jobs, like mining and crab-fishing, deserve their pay scales for the personal sacrifices they make to satisfy us demanding consumers. what they deserve is the same as the rest of our workforce: safe working conditions, good and affordable health insurance. what the blue collar workforce also enjoys that the white collar workforce does not: job security. my darling groom takes a risk of being killed en route every week when he drives to the airport to take a flight to reach his client site where are installed to run our big businesses; but, he could be laid off at a moment’s notice, too. where’s the balance in job security, eh?

“…those who have developed the skills necessary for the best blue-collar jobs — largely mechanics, installers and equipment operators — find they’re doing better than the average American, no matter the color of the collar. The average pay for the top 10 blue-color jobs is just over $27 per hour. Figuring 40 hours per week for 52 weeks per year, annual income adds up to $56,347, or 30% more than the U.S. median income of $43,318, according to the Census Bureau.” The 10 best-paying blue-collar jobs, MSN/Forbes 7/31/06

just don’t give me “That computer on your desk needs to be delivered. They know they will never be without a job…” when that guy who only took 4 weeks to get licensed drove the semi that killed a family on vacation.

battleground lebanon

it’s a tiny sliver of a country, only about 4,000 square miles along the beautiful eastern mediterranean, home of the ancient phoenicians. ‘Lubnan,’ named for the white-capped Mt. , was the jewel of the Middle East.

i have often wondered whatever happened to my friends and colleagues from , although i do know that some have died and others have moved out of the country.

i personally do not support the occupation or invasion of any part of Lebanon. it’s pretty darned obvious they don’t belong there, their tactics aren’t working, displaced thousands upon thousands of Lebanese and they’ve turned a land of significant into a killing field. the reality is that Israel has had ‘designs’ on their neighbor for ages, considering Lebanon is rich with fertile valleys and rivers, beautiful mountains and beaches.

mel’s hell

was back, i suppose, when went on his tirade after being arrested for drunk driving. he admitted his problem with alcohol.

well, mel, that’s the first step, admitting the problem. of course, it’s damned hard to deny when a cop is giving you the breathalizer and walk tests, LOL!

oh, mel…i don’t agree the was anti-semitic. but, considering the industry you’re in, insulting the hands that ‘feed’ you is certainly not going to help you get invited to St. Peter’s party, eh?

harry, floyd and bush

plans his stage debut next year in ‘equus,’ wherein a scene calls for him to ride a horse in the nude. no magic invisible cloak for that scene.

takes the lance approach and firmly denies wrongdoing, saying his body naturally produces high levels of testosterone. rightfully so, he knows that, even if he is cleared of doping allegations, his reputation and win will remain tarnished. c’mon, do you really want us to believe that a kid who wore sweatpants to his first cycling competition, in deference to his strict mennonite rule against wearing shorts, would grow up to shame himself and his family? i believe floyd.

that is, appears to be holding out for a pro-league salary befitting his status as a winner. personally, while he hails from my alma mater and we’re proud of him, i don’t think huge salaries should be granted to players yet unproven on the pro level.

big oil, big finance, big bust

war, hurricanes, economic inefficiencies – nothing new in the headlines, today. as the price of gas creeps upward at the pump and the big oil CEOs get richer on their profit sharing plans, we consumers have to find ways to trim our already squeezed budgets. it has taken the better part of 30 years for the capitol city of the large state where i live to even begin planning a metro transit system that would reach the outlying areas where the greater population of skilled professionals choose to live in newer housing near better-equipped schools. there has been more empasis, and actual work, on building tollroads. the expectation there is that we’ll be forced to continue to commute an average of 20 miles on inefficient roadways and support one of this state’s biggest businesses, oil, of course. public transit remains the subject of public mockery.

not only is our national debt on the rise, our personal consumer debt continues to rise. i do find it hard to believe a recent report (somewhere, forgot where i read it), however, that in the face of so much solicitation online, by email, in media and wherever else for so-called debt counseling services, that a majority of credit card holders actually do pay off their balances each month. i think credit card companies are at the root of this problem, and they are the very companies that gouge the consumer with ridiculously high fees, hidden fees, and their new practice of one company slapping the consumer with a higher fee or rate on the basis of his history with a completely different creditor. what’s up with that?

did you know:

  • the Internal Revenue Service found that 41 of 63 credit-counseling companies it examined were preying on debtors
  • a DEMOS (think tank) 2004 report states that 18- to 24-year-olds spend almost 24% of their monthly income repaying debt, double what they spent in 1992
  • the Center for American Progress says:

    * The number of American families carrying card balances is growing;

    * Credit-card debt is growing fastest among middle- and low-income families.

    * Low-income families have the greatest debts, proportionate to their incomes.

    * Families with higher credit-card debt — not overall debt — are more likely to become delinquent on card bills.

the highest credit card interest rate i’ve seen reported is above 30%. yeh, like i’d like to earn that much on MY money in the bank, too! i think we should be fighting back for consumer rights. ok, so punish the people who deliberately don’t pay their debt; don’t punish those who do.

and i’ll bet you thought this was going to continue my economic opinionating, eh? wrong! this is about the partially exposed boob nursing a baby on the cover of magazine that has sparked more reader response than any other issue, mostly from angry moms. even though many of the publication’s readers support breast feeding, they do not endorse nursing in public and were offended by the photo of what they feel should be kept a private act. i have to agree with how uncomfortable it feels to see a woman nursing in public, or a baby attached to a boob in my face at about 8 1/2 x 11 from a magazine cover. while i, in no way, equate it to pornography, there is still a certain amount of public decorum that i personally believe should be followed. sadly, our society seems to be following the degenerative path of ancient rome before us.