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le tour de france sans Lance

il y a maintenant , mais cette fois, sans monsieur Lance

déjà, plusieurs cyclistes supérieurs ont été suspendus ou interdites, et justes avant le début de la course

alors, qui portera le ?

juste car j’écrivais cette entrée, la puissance est sortie! merde!

an unlucky number, 13 cyclists are out of contention, including several of the top favored, either suspended or dismissed due to a widespread in Spain, leaving succession to le maillot jaune completely up for grabs. , , and have all been pulled, claiming innocence and shock. was it some malicious act by the doctors who prescribed the doping level doses of performance-enhancing drugs and blood transfusions? was it an over-zealous drive to attempt matching the physical prowress of an incredible, seemingly bionic, super cyclist Armstrong? whatever it was, teams have been decimated and Spain is shrouded in shame with so many Spanish riders among the up to 58 total implicated (not just in the Tour).

we may never really know, but we can easily ascertain that it takes two to ruin otherwise stellar careers: the doc and the athlete. we do know our dream team 2006 is clean.

sliding down the razorblade of life, eh?

on the other hand, leaving the field open to rising stars and those who received much less attention, the past seven years, should be a good thing for the Tour. perhaps this will be ‘s year, or ‘ year.

or, perhaps 13 gone is an omen of what is to come over the next 3 weeks and some 2200 miles. i have been following/watching the Tour every year since 1995, the first tour that introduced the world to a (then rather obnoxious upstart) . my very first introduction to the Tour was at Grenoble, 1971. with so many of the big names out of the running, this will be a most interesting race.

will be up to watch the start in about 3 hours, or so…

[NB: WordPress burped at 3am my time and I couldn’t post this until now, merde!]


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