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The Devil Wears Prada

If you’ve read the book (by Laura Weisberger, formerly an assistant to Vogue’s legendary Anna Wintour), I think you’ll enjoy the movie rendition. Meryl Streep delivers a delightful portrayal of driven, demanding Miranda Priestley, editor-in-chief of fictional international powerhouse fashion magazine, Runway, who looks upon everyone and everything with disdain and perfectly cut cynicism. Anne Hathaway, largely because she is tall, thin and pretty, is believable in her Pygmalion role as a naive country girl made over into haute couture chic who struggles to hold onto a thankless job ‘a million girls would kill for’ that could pave the way to her ultimate goal.

Meryl Streep, while the ‘villain’ in the story, definitely carries the movie with her elegance and caustic comedic performance; yet, Stanley Tucci’s Nigel (the kid who read learned to sew while his brothers played soccer) and Emily Blunt’s Emily (Priestley’s senior assistant, and how convenient to already have her character’s name) round out a well-cut collection of characters.

Where the movie falls a bit short is in not making clear to the viewing audience who some of the real fshionistas are who play themselves, like Valentino (he got a speaking role), or Heidi Klum (she’s spotted in the front row at a tent show). After all, it’s about the world of high fashion, but how often does anyone see Valentino’s face?!

All in all, it’s fun, funny and worth the price of a ticket. There are a couple of scenes that warrant parental caution; otherwise, it’s pretty clean.



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