life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

landis, do or ‘die’

horrible late-breaking news, but that has known for the past two years: his hip is dead.

this is a relatively young man, raised a mennonite, who has ridden where i imagine few of his faith have gone before, beyond their world to near pop-rock fame with one of the most celebrated cycling teams in history. he missed a stage win by mere seconds when lance armstrong urged him to try to take it, then (reportedly) fell out of favor with lance by leaving the team to pursue his own top spot.

‘overcoming adversity’ has become the mantle born by floyd landis. but, during this tour, just about to enter week 2, little did anyone know that he was bearing such a terrible physical burden. so far, it seems he is in his best form. after he finishes the tour, and let’s hope he does and does well, he will have to undergo hip replacement surgery. this could be his last tour, his last professional ride.

this year’s has already been very strange, as the commentators have remarked, the strangest they’ve ever had to commentate upon.

floyd: ride on, ride well. even though you’re not on an american team and no longer with ‘america’s team,’ you’re one of our own and we’re cheering for you! and, y’know what – i’ll bet lance will have a word of support for you, too.


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