life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

boom, boom, boom…

they’re baa-aaack…kinda sorta

‘s attempt to look as though it’s still alive falls short of valiant; but, at least, it’s better than seeing a generic white page and boring text. rumors still fly about who the new face will be.

what’s the deal with the very first video?

on other newsfronts…

tech rally on wall street

IT is making an industry comeback, with , and even in the InfoTech 100 as the companies to watch. Also notable is , currently near its 52-week low. hmmm…may be a good time to pick some up.

end of day the Dow sank 122 points on Tech and Oil – merde!

talking alliance. interesting how the country that tried to destroy us and that we, in turn, dropped the big bomb on, is the greatest threat to one of our own historic manufacturing enterprises – the automobile. there are many reasons for that, among them: the rising cost, and internal combustion, of labor unions; lack of quality/quality control; laziness from attitude of entitlement, the list goes on.

CEOs make more than 200% than their average employees, even in the most unprofitable of corporations. there’s something terribly, terribly wrong with that picture. i admire : his annual compensation from apple is $1 (passive income in the millions would make me happy, too).


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  aw wrote @

Baron has really f’d this deal up. Make promises/deadlines and keep them – especially to your internet brotheren. His ‘franchsise’ is deteriorating faster than a cup of senseo thru Adam Curry. This has to be the blunder of the blogo/vlogosphere. The lame attempt to console his viewers with an excuse about things not being to his liking and then the crap 10 seconds of video is insulting. I thought this guy was smarter than this.

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