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dell’s hell and other ruminations

yeh, yeh, yeh…so has gotten into corporate blogging in a new campaign to upgrade their image (while they try to fight the exploding laptop allegations)…so and other software giants have been planning to do just the same, or are but you wouldn’t know about it, unless you’re entrenched in their world…so is the big thing in big companies. so, now that big biz is catching on, does this mean blogging is starting to become passe´?

a company i’m on contract to wanted to be the first of its kind to release a public , they still can’t get their heads around it). hah! corporate bureaucracy puts its choke hold on again; i’ve been waiting for 2 months and 2 days to flip the switch on it. it took a rogue cadre to launch their entry into world of blogging.

i love some of the new ads of late: ‘i’m a baaad guy’ – yeh, it’s fun to be a rogue developer, color outside the lines and think outside the box. heh!

web 2.0 is subject to as many different interpretations as there are people talking about it. guess what: somewhere in this statement lies the basic concept behind web 2.0. think about it…

wants your videos about ‘your tech.’ and yet another chance for you to ruminate about your geek world.

hmmm…after web2 comes web3…spoken like a kid riding in the back seat on a long car trip: are we there, yet? heck, i’m trying to figure out what web4 will be.

meanwhile, continues to gain ground over IE – and someone i know pooh-pooh’d the notion that it’s so widely used. wake up! even when i was over at big blue, it was the browser of choice.


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