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landis leads again

the man is incredible! has not ceased to bring excitement to this year’s , partly through the story of his physical injury, partly through the immense drive and determination he has demonstrated toward his goal to win in this coming sunday.

how would you like to climb a summit 3x the height of the empire state building, with a dead and broken hip? that’s floyd’s remarkable achievement at today’s stage 15 on the . i drove up there, once – and that was hard enough in an automobile!

some spectators here and there have abandoned the race because isn’t in it. well, let’s get real: it was inevitable that the lance dance in france would come to an end (and a spectacular one, at that). however, let’s not abandon our american boys who ride the most difficult race on the planet; and let’s not forget that a significant number of the top GC contenders once rode with lance in one tour or another over more than his seven winning years.

congratulations, as well, to all the cyclists who finished the most difficult climb of the tour. belgian ‘s father, a former pro cyclist, was there to witness his son’s stage win; and his younger brother is a new member of team CSC. that is so cool!

Unfortunately, our , what’s left of it, lost strength in their legs and was the only one to finish in the top 20, with following at 25th. started out well by running with the breakaway boys, but fell short not far from the finish.

if history holds true, the maillot jaune at the top of alpe d’huez finishes with the maillot jaune in paris. we’ll see, eh? more power to you, floyd! ride well, ride strong. paris is expecting you, whether they realize it or not.


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