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geico’s confusing branding

the is, let’s face it, cute, memorable, but – aussie? he even has his own blog and action figures. but, why the aussie accent for an american insurance company’s mascot? am i missing something?

anyway, successfully branded its name with the help of the little green reptilian spokesperson; although, i think he was cuter as a mute lizard. however, geico has also introduced other ad campaigns, the latest being the paid celebrity paired with the unpaid ‘real’ customer. this latest effort has to be, hands down, the most ridiculous ad campaign yet.

i thought the whole point of was to establish a strong name association with the consumer. geico seems to be unsure of its own branding.

and, by the way, the current gecko is becoming about as annoying as .

stick with one theme, guys. the gecko is your strongest id; the rest of the campaigns are pure crap!



  Icca wrote @

Hi, found your blog on google, and this entry struck interest with me. While yes, the gecko is the mascot for Geico, he is used in an ironic and self-referential fashion (this wasn’t originally the case, but the recent ads have definitely taken this trend). Irony and self-reference are huge in today’s pop culture, especially TV — think of all the retro TV shows that made a comeback, things like “That 70’s Show” and shows like “Family Guy.”

The Geico ad using the gecko on a talk-show, for example, telling the host that he has to entertain the audience and still sell products is basically saying “Hey look, we’re doing that right now,haha. It’s how we advertise. Aren’t we clever?” Other ads, like the old mascot auditioning ad, have had the same purpose.

By pairing up a celeb with a “real” person, it’s the same sort of advertisement. “Look, the trend is to stop using celebrities, and show real accounts of how our product helped. So we’re doing that, but we’re also making fun of hiring celebrities! Aren’t we clever?”

It’s the same type of ad, just without the gecko. And it works; else you wouldn’t have a blog entry about it and I wouldn’t have googled it. 🙂

And they are probably trying to keep people from getting tired of the gecko as well. Mascots run their course, after all, and one day the gecko is going to go the way of the Taco Bell dog.

  acoralsea wrote @

hi and thanks for stopping by! i rather miss the Taco Bell chihuahua, actually, even though yo no quiero taco bell, LOL!

i suppose you’re right – we would probably, eventually, get bored with the same old gecko. all the same, it has been fun to watch his transmutation (if that’s the appropriate word). but, the ‘B’ list celebrities, now that’s just plain weird…although my darling groom cracks up at the one with Little Richard.

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