life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

from lance to landis

well, he has done the impossible by returning from an over 10-minute deficit to a 59-second lead to win his right to wear the yellow jersey into paris during the final stage of the . the torch should, barring no weird events, pass from to .

pro , in spite of the doping crisis that marred the start of this year’s tour, is still an honorable sport wherein the riders respect each other and the unspoken rules of the race. landis has proven himself a worthy champion beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, through pure heart and determination, rising above physical pain and holding only himself to blame for any of his failings.

lance should be proud to be succeeded by a former teammate. floyd has certainly done the USA proud.

i can hear it now, though – the commentators’ initial confusion of names between lance and landis, as though ‘flandis’ is bad enough! and, who knows, maybe the french will finally respect the prowress of american cyclists who dare to compete in the most exalted bike race in the world.


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