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landis a no show in denmark

there’s an old saying: something’s rotten in denmark. well, something is certainly brewing in the press, after was a no show for a event in denmark today, reportedly on a plane to see his doctor in germany, instead. the drug test that has thrown his tour de france win in question suggests higher than usual levels of testosterone; he may have been taking testosterone to help with his .

so, i read the article on why testosterone is used to help bone thickness, but it only mentioned small bones, vertebrae, of the spine. it seems to me that the hip bone is rather large. we won’t know, until-if-or when he tells us, how landis may or may not have been taking testosterone injections, using a patch or some sort of gel to help his hip. boy (no pun intended), that had to be one massive dose to have sent him flying up that mountain!

just had a funny thought: the line in the , ‘,’ that goes something like (referring to the alien spacecraft) ‘i gotta get me one of these!’ how many males just had a similar thought cross their minds…

admit it, you did! ROFLMBO

back to landis…we’re praying you’re a clean american hero.


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