life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

reality is big business

about 40 years ago, my kid sis wrote an elementary school paper on how (in viet nam) is big . now, we have reality as big .

funnily enough, , formerly known as (lead singer of) and teeny bopper idol (even my daughter made us follow nsync from one concert to another within 200 miles of here), emerged from the closet and announced he’s more in synch with a gay reality show star. bye, bye, bye, girls, LOL!

speaking of , there are those worth watching, and others that leave you wondering what were they thinking! my favorites are (so much cattiness) and (fun with food). they’re far better than other shows that made me flee the room, cover my ears or turn my stomach.

yet, we’re all addicted to one or another. admit it – you are, aren’t you?! there’s a reality show for just about everyone, these days, and even a new cable channel for gays called ‘,’ although i’ve yet to figure out the significance of the title.

hmmm…maybe being gay is big business…there’s , project runway, – all great shows.

thanks, i just like to watch (the shows, that is) and i’ll stick with being straight, married with children, LOL!


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