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harry, floyd and bush

plans his stage debut next year in ‘equus,’ wherein a scene calls for him to ride a horse in the nude. no magic invisible cloak for that scene.

takes the lance approach and firmly denies wrongdoing, saying his body naturally produces high levels of testosterone. rightfully so, he knows that, even if he is cleared of doping allegations, his reputation and win will remain tarnished. c’mon, do you really want us to believe that a kid who wore sweatpants to his first cycling competition, in deference to his strict mennonite rule against wearing shorts, would grow up to shame himself and his family? i believe floyd.

that is, appears to be holding out for a pro-league salary befitting his status as a winner. personally, while he hails from my alma mater and we’re proud of him, i don’t think huge salaries should be granted to players yet unproven on the pro level.


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