life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

mel’s hell

was back, i suppose, when went on his tirade after being arrested for drunk driving. he admitted his problem with alcohol.

well, mel, that’s the first step, admitting the problem. of course, it’s damned hard to deny when a cop is giving you the breathalizer and walk tests, LOL!

oh, mel…i don’t agree the was anti-semitic. but, considering the industry you’re in, insulting the hands that ‘feed’ you is certainly not going to help you get invited to St. Peter’s party, eh?


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  Radio Left wrote @

Cartoon: Passion of the Mel

The Blue State

(By Nik Scott, Cagle Cartoons)—————————————————Other blogs writing about the Mel Gibson arrest: Hot Air, A Coral Sea, The LAist, Center Blue, The Lippard Blog, Star Dirt, Moments in Time, The Post C…

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