life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

mick’s prime time

holly bageebees, batman! is going – in his prime time! he has reportedly scored a recurring spot on a sitcom called “.” gotta see that!

why do we have such a love affair with a 60+-year-old rock star? well, perhaps it’s because he’s a living legend. perhaps it’s because he still puts on a good show with his spastic onstage gyrations. whatever it is, he is undeniably one of the free world’s most captivating and interesting personalities, with those natural fish lips and all!

he’s also quite learned, having studied economics before trading financial tables for financial worth. yep, mick, you rock!

something for the candidates on to aspire to for their retirement years, eh?

meanwhile, in other parts of

  • digs himself a deeper hole
  • gives new meaning to ‘loose and fancy free’
  • ‘ partner is just so proud of him for coming out (keep it clean!)
  • can now add ‘environmental engineer’ to his resume for picking up trash as community service in NYC (and without his typically eccentric locks or makeup), and
  • ‘s death (1997) is big news once again

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