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white collar wage for blue collar job

i have long held the opinion that are at the root of the imbalance of wage scales between white collar professionals and blue collar laborers. even though and moving manufacturing overseas have impacted the workforce across the board, dictate that there will be lasting and future repercussions of paying white collar wages for blue collar jobs.

now, we need truckers, miners and all the tradesmen who build our roadways and houses, and more. my concern is that, in spite of the salad of politically correct talk tossed around by our elected officials and school districts that we need to get more girls into math and science, or that our kids cannot compete with their better-trained (and more disciplined) foreign counterparts, our kids are finding it more difficult to land well-paying jobs after we parents have doled out thousands of dollars for their .

i have no problem with the fact that college grads are finding the sky-high entry salaries fewer and further between. they need to EARN those salaries, not feel entitled to them!

i do have a problem with our kids coming out of college and having to accept pay scales that may be only slightly better than non-college educated workers. there’s something wrong with this picture, and i’m personally offended by the notion that a high-school educated (if even) laborer can make more than the teacher who put that person through high school!

the reason this country’s so screwed up is because our values have gone topsy turvy. some will say that people in dangerous jobs, like mining and crab-fishing, deserve their pay scales for the personal sacrifices they make to satisfy us demanding consumers. what they deserve is the same as the rest of our workforce: safe working conditions, good and affordable health insurance. what the blue collar workforce also enjoys that the white collar workforce does not: job security. my darling groom takes a risk of being killed en route every week when he drives to the airport to take a flight to reach his client site where are installed to run our big businesses; but, he could be laid off at a moment’s notice, too. where’s the balance in job security, eh?

“…those who have developed the skills necessary for the best blue-collar jobs — largely mechanics, installers and equipment operators — find they’re doing better than the average American, no matter the color of the collar. The average pay for the top 10 blue-color jobs is just over $27 per hour. Figuring 40 hours per week for 52 weeks per year, annual income adds up to $56,347, or 30% more than the U.S. median income of $43,318, according to the Census Bureau.” The 10 best-paying blue-collar jobs, MSN/Forbes 7/31/06

just don’t give me “That computer on your desk needs to be delivered. They know they will never be without a job…” when that guy who only took 4 weeks to get licensed drove the semi that killed a family on vacation.


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