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who ok’d israel’s ok?

this headline blew me away: Israel OKs Wider Offensive. really!?! WHO ok’d Israel’s ok?

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  Fern wrote @

Who cares?

Israel is a sovereign nation, and as such, doesn’t need any other country or organization’s permission to defend itself.

ah, so, occupation, invasion and bombing defenseless women and children constitute self defense, eh? since when?

  12345 wrote @

I agree, Israel should apologize for not asking your permission first.

really? i think you’ve completely missed the point in your poor attempt at a clever response. also, in response to your additional comment (that i, in my right as this blog owner, chose to omit): it was completely irrelevant to this discussion. i’m sure you can find other, more appropriate, places online to air your personal grievances.

  Koby wrote @

Excerpts from the Israeli Prime Minster Address (July 31, 2006)
Citizens of Israel, My friends, heads of local authorities,

The alarm sirens which are heard day and night across the north echo throughout the entire country and gradually spread throughout the world. Many identify with our struggle and support our most simple and natural demand to be a free nation in our land!

From here I wish to convey a message to everyone: we are determined to win this battle. We are paying a heavy price, an endlessly painful price in human life, disruption of the life routine, loss of personal security and massive destruction of private and public property, but we are not willing to forfeit our right to a simple life, a life free of terror, free of constant turmoil, threat, fanaticism and hatred.

We are not willing to give up our right to a normal life – like any other nation, like any other society, anywhere.

Not everyone identifies with us. More than a few criticize us and express reservations with our battle. We seek neither conflict nor confrontation [with them], but it is our right to tell all those who criticize us: none of you would ever acquiesce to such murderous attacks against your citizens. I do not want to tell you what you would have done if you had been in our place.

I will only say that the State of Israel sanctifies the most fundamental moral values, which are carved in our ancient Jewish tradition – and in our blood which was spilled – and we do not need any nation or any country to teach us these principles. We do not pursue innocent civilians, we do not fight against the Lebanese people and we do not seek to topple their government. We are fighting against murdering terrorists, and we will not stop fighting them until we remove them from our border.

I deeply regret the civilians – adults and children – who were killed in Kafer Kana. We did not seek to harm them, we did not want their death. They were not our enemies and they were not the target of our aircraft.

I wish to appeal to the citizens of Lebanon: Again you are being led by murderous terrorists into a reality of destruction and devastation. Just when a new chapter began in your country, with new spirits of freedom and democracy, you were taken hostage by the Hizballah organization of murderers. This organization does not fight the war of the people of Lebanon. There is no cause for conflict between us and Lebanon. There is no territorial dispute and no ideological “abyss” between us. We and you need to want the same thing – the right to a simple, quiet and safe life.
Hizballah is serving the interests of other nations, primarily Syria and Iran. These countries spread venom. They cultivate hatred, fanaticism, radicalism and insatiable lust to destroy those who live according to other norms of ethics and culture.

You, residents of Lebanon, even those who are angry with us and our army for the massive damage inflicted upon you as a result of this war – a war which you did not want and which most of you had no part or interest in – know very well that your enemy is not the State of Israel, but rather Sheikh Nassrallah and his ilk, who were ready to sacrifice the lives of so many of you in order to serve the interests of a foreign country.

See for yourselves how many Arab-Muslim countries distance themselves from Hizballah and join the majority of world nations which denounce this terrorist organization and justify Israel’s right to self-defense. Was all this worth it? Is this what you would have chosen had the decision been in your hands?

Citizens of Lebanon, we regret the pain caused to so many of you, the fact that you had to flee your homes and places of residence and the unintentional harm to innocents, but we do not apologize for it. We want to coexist with you in calm and tranquility, and, with G-d’s help, also in peace. But we will not give up – not even for a moment – our right to protect the State of Israel and defend our lives, and we will not apologize to those who dare to question Israel’s right to exist.

The founder of the State of Israel, David Ben Gurion, said at the Temporary State Council in 1948: “while we have never despaired of the human conscience and never ceased – and will never cease – from demanding from the world what is rightfully ours, based on law and justice, we must always memorize to ourselves, day and night, that our existence – our freedom, our future – depend first and foremost on ourselves, our efforts, our abilities and our will”.

Thank you for sending this. I think that what my visitors have missed is that it is not I, personally, who is wanting Israel to OK expanded operations in Lebanon. Considering the UN needs to become actively involved in negotiating peace in the area, my rhetorical question is more to that point. So, attacking me, personally, for MY opinions on MY blog is completely off the mark. Any problem with THAT?

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