life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

if women ruled the world

we would find other ways to settle our differences, and they would not involve missiles or bullets

we would wage a of words

we would fight like cats to quash the battle, not like dogs to the death

we would play silly bitchy games, without knives or guns

we would plant, not destroy

we would not offer the world a coke, we would offer tea, the universal drink of peace and

we would negotiate so that there is something for everyone to be happy about

we would work together to save our children and their children

we would agree to disagree, and then move on

the worst that could affect our thinking would be or

we would feed anyone hungry who came to our door, or find a way to

the pettiness of women results in buying 3000 pairs of shoes or enough craft supplies to start a shop

the determination of women results in empowering others in the to become self-sufficient through and

men just haven’t figured out that women really do rule the world that men are trying desperately to control or destroy

after all, whom do they want to go home to, to be coddled like babies?


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