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landis lands hard

after failing the “B” backup drug test that showed abnormal results, hit the pavement hard, but it wasn’t a fall off his bike. it was his fall from grace. fired from the team, he will have to appeal his case, pretty much alone.

it doesn’t add up. 8 tests during the were negative. why does one suddenly turn up positive, and, significantly, after his triumphant stage win?

what also smells bad is the fact that , coincidentally also a former teammate of , had been stripped of his 2005 title. furthermore, the lab that ran the tests is the very same that was recently forced to drop long-standing charges against lance.

i hope he and his lawyer, and the , bring down the that is at the center of these controversial findings against landis, heras and lance. does it smack of guilt by association? somehow, i think there’s something rotten in paris.

i still have faith in landis and his integrity. his tour victory will now be forever tarnished, as well as his good name.

this is a terrible day for ; a horrible day for landis.




  Austin tour wrote @

Informative. I also have an article about it.

  acoralsea wrote @

good info there on Austin! i couldn’t find where to submit a link to you, though, for my austin life message board (which reminds me, it needs to be added to my aquarium):

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