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podcasting made easy, part 2

in my previous post, i mentioned, a daily about geek toys and tools.

, also known as vodcasts (video on demand), are the combination of video and audio delivery that is downloadable to your computer or portable device. this form of blogging has been around almost two years, gave rise to RSS and has become easier with newer technology and equipment more widely available and affordable. all you need is a fairly good video camera, microphone, recording software and a hosting service to deliver your end product to the consumer like or .

on the consumer end, you need an application or software to receive the vodcast, like Windows Media Player or QuickTime on your computer, or a portable device that can receive video files, like the video. most video files types are .avi or .mpg and can run on most computers without additional software.

an offer you can’t refuse

for about $30, you can buy a total solution for easily taking your audio or video podcast from creation to distribution, generate your feeds and make the end product downloadable from . i’ll make it even easier for you by giving you a link to where you can buy the software.

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