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noteworthy news

there was a news story today that probably won’t capture the attention of the average bloke who’s more personally embroiled in arguing one side or the other of israel vs . however, it should capture the imagination of anyone still breathing.

the , the “last great race on earth” and a commemoration to the dog sled teams that raced from Anchorage to bring serum to fight a diptheria epidemic in Nome, crosses some 1150 miles over , home to some of the most dangerous terrain on the north american continent. it’s a grueling race, with unimaginable risks, and a very unladylike sport. even so, women have tried, and succeeded, at winning the race that was ‘the brainchild’ of a woman who wanted to honor those brave mushers of the 1925 Great Race of Mercy. Children might know an animated film about , the most famous sled dog on that historic run, and whose statue graces Central Park in NYC.

Susan Butcher, 4-time iditarod champion, succumbed to leukemia at the age of 51.

it’s a story worth noting.


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