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UN an oxymoron

the whole purpose of a united league of nations was to provide a neutral assembly for resolving international conflicts and establishing peaceful negotiations against deadly wars. for some time, general consensus appears to be that the has been an expensive and ineffective exercise in futility, particularly over the past 3 decades of intermittent in the and compounded by contrarian attitudes toward the institution of the UN by its most influential member: the US – democrat vs republican administrations that are consistently inconsistent.

now, US support of continued offense in Lebanon comes under fire. we have the right to protect ourselves against . we also have a responsibility to assist our allies as a requisite of membership in the UN. support of Israel against terrorist factions in is, on one hand, the right thing. on the other, condoning their constant barrage upon Lebanon is a double-edged sword: we’re damned if we do, we’re damned if we don’t.

Lebanon must get the hell out of their country. must be dismantled. but, here’s the catch: have long contended that they are homeless. in reality, that’s true. no arab nation wants to take responsibility for them, so they continue their attempt to establish a stronghold in the weakest territory, with the hope that somebody will give them a few hectares of land to call their own. Lebanon suffered greatly for the Palestinian ‘country within a country’ presence. but, nobody wants them anywhere near Israel, or anywhere else in the middle east, for that matter.

at the root of this issue is the plain and simple fact that words mean nothing, only action does. we can pledge all the support we want, the UN can pledge all their support. but words do not stop the bombing.

people have to decide to not launch the bomb or fire the weapon. so far, words haven’t had much impact.

so far, the UN hasn’t been very united, but expects US to pick up the ball.

hmmm…our very complicated ball game is already going extra innings, nobody is winning but the war machines, and we’re going broke.


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