life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

drama queens

the world simply cannot turn without drama queens. because of them, we have silly soap operas that command the time and attention of desperate housewives; the ‘crazy’ aunt of the family, or the mother/in-law from hell and the exasperating coworker who makes our work day miserable. drama queens make MTV, beauty pageants and red carpets fascinating for wannabes and fodder for talk show monologues.

headache relief medication would not be as much in demand; office gossips would have nothing to talk about, and there would be nothing to laugh at without drama queens.

drama queens are, basically, good people gone mentally off-track, but not insane. they just drive the rest of us to the brink of insanity. that’s their job, their function in life. yet, some are worth caring about, especially if she’s related to you.

we all have a drama queen, or two, in our lives. there’s a new one trying to control a certain aspect of my work life. however, like most drama queens, she will never deserve my trust or professional respect; and, like most, she will never understand why.

it’s a bloody good thing i’ve seen all the tricks of the drama queen trade, you see it all in a girls’ school. they sap you of your time and energy. drama queens are, in fact, like leeches.

although the world cannot turn without drama queens, the really sad part is that there’s no known cure for this disease, as it really is a disease.

hug your drama queen today; just make sure she’s someone worth caring about.



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