life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

leno on landis, and other L stories

grilled, drilled and tried to press into an admission of guilt, as though he was judge and jury. but then, that’s what leno does in his role as talk show host when a controversial figure agrees to appear. landis wanted to maintain the benefit of a doubt in our minds, leno wanted to hang him. get off his back, jay! let the cycling association and floyd’s attorneys do their job; let’s not try him in the media.

embattered faces an ongoing barrage from forces, in spite of attempts to send their own forces into the southern region to assist in the battle against . the world of international opinion has had enough of this battle and it must end!

meanwhile, the battle at the polls pushed ahead of at the connecticut democratic primary, declaring vistory for the underdog grass roots movement in connecticut. well, personally, i never put much into lieberman, his whining and lack of clear direction. lamont, whose father is chairman of J.P. Morgan, proved, once again, that considerable wealth, plus a smattering of internet savvy, is the true might over the right (wing).

the lone star state suffered an unusual loss when a truck bound for galveston from indianapolis overturned and spilled some of its water wildlife onto the freeway. 4 and some exotic fish were killed, while an octopus was uninjured, and another truck carrying snakes and alligators avoided trouble. life is never boring on highways.


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