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the other Thomas Frank

you would probably know who Thomas Frank is, if i were talking about baseball. in case you don’t know, and if i were talking baseball, he’s currently with the Okland A’s.

however, since i’m talking about another Thomas Frank, you would have to know something about cultural criticism and a publication called The Baffler. i like this guy who offends both sides of politics on a fairly balanced basis, and points to what he believes (and i personally agree) is at the heart of our economic crisis in the States: ‘unregulated’ capitalism.

I often hear people complain about what has happened to our country—the fall of civility—but it rarely occurs to people that the big change in American life in the last 50 years is the loss of power for working people. Media Channel interview

ok, that’s over-simplifying the premise of his best-seller, What’s Wrong with Kansas?

Thomas Frank wiki


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