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bloggers love convenience. that’s why i decided to test out blog editors that would allow me to create and post my entries without having to log into my blog account.

the first question to ask is why anyone would want to do that.

well…personally…there are times when i’m simply thinking out loud, drafting my thoughts into the entry, not ready to publish. sure, i could simply save the entry as a draft within my blog. or, i could draft it somewhere else and just post it later, without directly touching my blog.

well…personally…there are times when i just don’t feel like logging into my blog.

microsoft said they were going to release Windows Live Writer, a downloadable application. it’s still not going to do what i really want, which is to avoid having to download the tool.

google has writely, that i had to wait for until new registrations were ‘opened.’ it’s not a downloadable; but it’s currently ‘undergoing maintenance,’ so, i can’t log into it. it will port my entry into wordpress; however, i’m not quite sure why the post isn’t visible, even though it has a published status. haven’t figured that one out.

a new firefox extension called performancing1.3 released on Aug 8, 2006, sits in my browser, and by a simple click on the notepad-like icon, launches an editor pane. it adds this little diddy: “powered by performancing firefox” but, that’s okay. the interface is reminiscent of wordpad. however, there are some nice features worth checking out: metrics, page tools, bookmarks and others; plus, the ability to define where to publish, versus selecting from a pre-defined list (as in Writely and, purportedly, Live Writer). another plus, and i love this, it picks up the categories i’ve set for my blog, so that i can assign them in the same editor – nice!

just take a wild guess which one i’m using, eh? run, don’t walk, straight to the firefox extensions library and pick this up!


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