life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

monkey business

while political pundits ponder possibilities in the recent macaca incident, here’s more shattering news in the headlines: brittany burps!

is life in the good ol’ usa that boring that anyone should care how badly the falling pop-star, brittany spears, looks in her own video podcasts? so what if brittany bombs, lohan is a lush and paris is ‘blind’ all the way to the bank?  there really is better entertainment, if that’s what you’re looking for, such as Michelle L’Amour’s act on America’s Got Talent, Rockstar Supernova, and my personal favorite, Project Runway (new episode tonight at 10pmET/9pmCT).

but, there has to be some real news, somewhere. so, i scoured the major network sites and a smattering of online newspapers for what earned prime ‘front page’ real estate:

  • the ‘claustrophobic’ passenger restrained at logan airport who carried loose matches, literature in a foreign language and an opened jar of petroleum jelly onboard a flight from london
  • women asked to not wear gel padded bras when flying
  • there may be 3 new planets in our solar system and trouble brewing for the human race over the next century (per the world brain, stephen hawking)
  • elvis is dead, again
  • YouTube went down
  • Google’s hometown gets free web
  • israel plans extended stay in lebanon, and
  • bruno kirby dies at age 57

we’re such spoiled monkeys…yeh, ura monkey!

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