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snakes on a plane

i’m terrified of snakes, regardless how harmless, but i live in an area where the rattler reigns. we have to be on extra alert in early spring, when baby rattlers are hatching and finding their way through the shrubs and into our potted plants. hardly a year goes by without my hubby running over some unidentifiable reptile with the lawn mower.

why do moviegoers want to be scared out of their wits by another snake movie? remember anaconda? sure, how many of us would be rafting down the amazon.

well, our local paper thought it would be very funny to provide a nearly full-page snake-printed paper airplane form, with folding instructions, to welcome snake ‘hissteria’ as the movie is released all over town this weekend.

this is about as close as i’m going to get to that film, thank you! i’ll read all your reviews, instead.

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