life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

what’s the buzz

a random collection of hot topics on the web today:

america’s newest millionaire talent is an 11-year-old girl with a huge voice, bianca ryan. will she get a record deal to boot?

karr has no klass, connection in the murders, that is.

if faith brings little more than violence and social depravity to prosperous developed countries, then the least degenerate country is japan where less than 10% believe in god and rates of teenage pregnancy are lowest – god would be an atheist

animator vs. animation by alanbecker – flash hilarity

my son is a moron – best of craigslist

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i really should have kept the link to a report that most bloggers aren’t in this for the audience, but for personal expression. the other day, a friend and i chatted about why we blog about what we do. in addition to this one, i have a blog for the students of my online college courses in php. while my friend likes to write about things web, i like to opine about whatever hits my fancy. after all, we deal with enough technical and web issues at work!



  TheBizofKnowledge wrote @

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed that Craig’s List post! As a parent, I can completely understand what that guy was going through (and I have to say he handled it a lot better than my dad would have!!). Anyway, thanks for linking to it here because I never would have found it on my own!

  acoralsea wrote @

you’re welcome, and thanks for stopping by! i got a kick out of that post, as well; so much rang true in how i thought of my kids during their adolescent years.

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