life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

web2 so 2005

as we defined the web by how we share information, so has the web defined how we share that information through the efforts of, as my colleague refers to them, ‘magic web fairies’ working in the background to provide the delivery methods named by jumbles of consonants and mysterious monikers.

web2 – veni, vidi, vici: but, has it become so 2005 that we’re ready for the next transmutation? maybe, maybe not. at some astronomical rate, we’re still in the discovery phase of social media. at the same time, there are those among us geek freaks who are freaking us out at how freakin’ fast they’re pushing toward web3.

meanwhile, here’s another one of my random collections of hot topics on the web: social media, mostly, but not entirely, by non-freakin-geeks:

:: making connections where none previously existed

the nextnet25: the vanguards of a new web revolution

social bookmarking tool comparison: the landscape of tools (for non-profits)

7 things you should know about…Social Bookmarking (html version)

a list apart: web 3.0 (where web2 is so 2005)

and on the right: ma.gnolia: building and sharing my social bookmarks

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