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reality checks

my college economics courses were enough to put anyone to sleep, to say nothing of the monotonous droning of our very esteemed and much sought after professor, focusing back in those predictable days upon supply and demand. my, how times have changed, especially since the first gulf war. today’s offering is my short collection of reality checks:

Freakonomics takes a controversial, realistic look at today’s economy, the authors choosing to weigh the effects of Roe v. Wade upon lower crime rates, or how reading to your children makes them better learners.

a year ago, the gulf coast suffered the worst hurricane disaster in a century and spike lee takes us inside the devastation of new orleans with his 4-part HBO documentary, “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.”

president bush iterates that iraq had nothing to do with 9/11/01. that’s actually correct; the events of 9/11 had everything to do with waging war on the very real threat of terrorism against this country and anyone who happens to want to live here. frankly, i think the second gulf war has been a matter of previously unfinished business and putting the sadistic madman, saddam hussein, out of business. can you spell ‘oil?’

it will cost you more in time and expense to travel, at least for the immediate term, while airport security in the u.s. and u.k. is increased. have you ever wondered why it takes a number of deaths or being within a hair’s breath of disaster before officials take preventive action? it’s like taking the attitude of waiting until your teeth fall out to floss them.

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  Sam wrote @

Interestingly enough, on the eve of hurricane katrina, we’re expecting another hurricane. You can find the info in PeoplesMedia –

  acoralsea wrote @

it’s that time of year! hopefully, though, this season won’t be as prolific or horrendous as last year’s. thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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