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agassi shines at U.S. Open

while one part of the world’s television audience watched the 2006 Emmys, admired or critiqued red carpet fashions and argued or agreed with the awards, a brilliant opening night for tennis was witnessed by a capacity crowd in the newly renamed USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. the largest public tennis court in the world, also home to the U.S. Open , is the first major sports facility named in honor of a woman athlete, and one who was a pioneer in the sport, womens and gay rights.

however, for me, and part of the other television audience who are his fans, the highlight of the evening was the match of the andres in the Arthur Ashe Stadium. andre agassi faced the younger andrei pavel, who had remembered winning against him years before.

known for his flamboyance on the court, he has never missed an Open for 21 years. he is also known for giving back to his own community, even more flamboyant las vegas. as his wife, wimbledon champ steffi graf, and family members looked on, agassi overcame long-term back pain and, nearly matched ace for ace and fighting through three tiebreakers, gave the
crowd an exciting ending to the first evening of his last US Open in the style of a true, legendary court champion.

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  J.gorman wrote @

Who is the guy sitting next to Agassi’s brother that looks and acts like Charels Bronson at the 2006 US Open ? What does he do?

  acoralsea wrote @

sorry to take a while to reply – have been busy with work stuff, then just trying to enjoy a nice, long holiday weekend with the family!

that ‘charles bronson-looking’ guy is gil reyes, agassi’s trainer/mentor. he looks a bit like carlos santan gone mafioso, to me, lol! i got a kick out of how the ex-tennis-pros-turned-commentators noted whether or not reyes was demonstrative at all whenever agassi made a huge point. it was funny!

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