life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

playing catch up

i’ve been so busy with stuff, the long holiday weekend and reclaiming my space at home, that i’ve missed a few days here! so, let’s hit a few of the top stories of the day…what’s left of it:

andre agassi‘s emotional final moments at the us open even had me choked up, and i was just a tv spectator! as becker said about agassi’s fans, he deserves everything he gets, he has given so much to the game. one could tell agassi was tired and aching. all the same, the two matches he played to get to his third and final round were spectacular. he played some of the best tennis anyone has ever seen, an opinion shared by an admiring john mcenroe. yes, agassi will be missed on the circuit.

among the highlights of his illustrious career:

  • won all four grand slams
  • fifth most career wins
  • most men’s grand slam appearance in the Open
  • seventh most career title in the Open
  • sixteen times in year end atp rankings (tied with jimmy connors)
  • seventeen masters titles
  • 1996 olympic gold medal (his father was an olympic boxer)
  • two men’s team davis cup titles
  • on man ranked in top 10 over 3 decades
  • 21 us open appearances (only one shy of connors’ record)

steve irwin‘s shocking accidental death has the world turned topsy turvy, literally, as all eyes are on australia. he died doing what he loved best, facing the most dangerous creatures on earth in order to teach the world to appreciate them. you thought i was going to say ‘sing,’ now, didn’t you!

katie couric makes her debut as cnn evening anchor. do you think she’s worth all the hype? personally, i’ve always found her rather idiotic.

the new tv season is beginning. what will you be watching? i’m a bit tired of rockstar supernova, myself. i’d rather watch reruns of the current project runway.

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