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speaking out

9/11, 5 years later…should ABC cancel their 9/11 ‘Path to 9/11’ docudrama? supposedly based on the 9/11 commission report, would it be worth taking our television viewing time? let’s get real: had our politicians and so-called diplomats possessed anything other than mush for brains, they might have been smart enough to have listened to threats from the fanatic factions to begin with.

distort history? isn’t that what politics is all about? isn’t that what the media does? isn’t that what history textbook publishers do? so, what else is new, eh?

hindsight is always 20/20. however, i lived in the middle east during a troubled time and our powers that be had mush for brains then, too, failing to take seriously any warning signs that we students predicted would escalate into a serious national crisis – that became a several years war.

personally, i think most americans have already forgotten 9/11, particularly those nowhere near ground zero or who were not in some personal way affected. there seems to be a collective ambivalence in this country toward subjects outside of the next pay date or football game. we’re spoiled, we’re coddled and we’re lied to. so, what else is new, eh?

want to feel good about 9/11? go see the nicolas cage movie about the world trade center.

bucky phillips basically a nice guy, so says a long time friend in a tabloid news interview. yeh, right!

lindsay lohan gets her purse back, but not her jewels. why should we care?

sing sing: how many aspiring rock star shows do we need? i get more enjoyment out of watching the geico commercial with the little austin powers guy doing his rap thing than out of rock star supernova, celebrity duets or american idol. i value my eardrums.

we have oil: will the new pool of oil found in the Gulf of Mexico help ease our fears of available supplies? hah – big oil, big price, big bonuses for the execs. so, what else is new, eh?

gunn for president: you know just how pathetically narrow our view of the world has become when tim gunn becomes a household name. heck, i rather like the guy. he has great analytical skills, handles conflict, hugs crybabies, and dresses well – all the qualities of a good politician, eh? and  – he’d be telling the truth about never having had sex with ‘that woman.’ i’d vote for tim gunn over that self-absorbed ny senator, any day, if i were of that party.

natascha kampusch is a teen who wants to shop ’til she drops, while her captor is buried in an unnamed grave after taking his own life. now, that’s a good ending to a terrible story.

crikey! farewell steve irwin. crikey – we’ll miss you!

adolescent gang rape: what the blazes is wrong with kids these days? absolutely appalling – the parents of all the kids involved also need counseling.

sorry suri: i just don’t give a flying leap! you really do look like a robot and your (supposed) father is nuts.

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