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abc’s path to 9/11

after viewing the supposedly, somewhat ‘edited’ first night of it was easy to understand why the democrats, particularly clinton’s divas, were so upset by the content and implied criticisms of his administration’s handling of events and people during an 8-year period leading up to 5 years ago today. who was that actress playing some intelligence officer who broke down and cried about the nairobi embassy bombing? was that just a bit patronizing (even if it really happened, but only the people involved would know). does the portrayal of the administration possessing collective mush for brains hold true? only the people involved would know.

well, does a pretty good job of portraying a hard-nosed FBI agent and the drama is, overall, pretty compelling; and i am going to watch part deux tonight.

go ahead, make my day and tell me what you thought of the ‘non-documentary’ piece.


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