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path to 9/11 – part deux

in part deux, it is apparent that there is balance in criticizing both administrations in the handling of information regarding the Taliban, al Qaeda, how to deal with osama bin laden and the growing fanatic islamic factions. fairness? or simply a continuum of mush for brains?

i think it’s inappropriate to criticize pres. bush for taking 7 minutes time in a classroom of elementary school children before excusing himself (to take care of the serious matter just whispered to him discreetly). i think it’s equally inappropriate to accuse him of ulterior political motive by standing in the rubble at ground zero with a bullhorn. what would you have done?

if you believe the predictions of nostradamus, you would be nodding your head saying – see, he told us so, it’s all coming true. why aren’t we listening?

on one of the evening news shows tonight, can’t remember which one because it wasn’t one i typically watch, the anchor was reading emailed comments. there was one from a woman scoffing at homeland security banning lip gloss carried on board, but not so diligent about what’s in the cargo hold. yes, it’s laughable, but poignant. why aren’t we listening?

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