life is like the tide…it comes and goes on its own time

end of summer musings…

what a week! it seems to be my time for computer issues, thanks to the storms and cable company’s crappy modem. we’re only halfway reconnected; wireless works great, hardwired does not. arrggh!

did you know that Brazil is the plastic surgery capital of the world, so it’s small wonder that they’ve cornered the market on enhanced natural beauty.

will George Bush’s reputation as the leader of the free world really be harmed by being referred to as Satan by Hugo Chavez?  the left-wing Venezuelan president is, himself, a controversial figure in South American politics. he may have overstepped the bounds of diplomacy; then again, the squeak gets the machine oiled, eh?

in the movie, the jerk, steve martin’s character was ridiculously elated about being somebody because his name was to be found in the phone book. will facebook become the jerk’s equivalent to web 2?

my daughter’s iPod battery died this week and she’s fretting about having to pay big bucks to have it replaced. so, we just might follow this tip from Cnet on the DYI method.

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