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will obama run

there’s a lot of talk in the political arena about one young senator named barack obama. if you consider his momentum, the democrats would really have a candidate worth campaigning for – if he decides to declare his candidacy for that big white house on the hill.

frankly, i’d love to see him topple the clintons in their bid to return to the hill. ok, i won’t get started on that soap box. there’s something deeply wrong with the notion that we can impeach a president, but not remove him from office, who can then regain the house by virtue of marriage to the first first lady focused on ‘redecorating.’ oh, she’d try to make it clear that she’s in charge; but, it’s really he who charms the ladies…ok, i won’t go there, either.

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difficult people

there’s a messageboard at called ‘dealing with difficult people.’ now, just who do you suppose frequents that board? it attracts the most difficult members of the community.

it seems there is a law of nature that dictates there has to be at least one difficult coworker who is not your boss/manager. i just read an article that says the negative person has a right to feel that way. perhaps. but, that negative person does not have the right to make my life miserable out of pure spite. the author of the article recommends addressing the negativity directly with the person.

i simply don’t have that kind of patience.

this is interesting: workplace personalities

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tagging and toolbars

how extensively do you use your toolbars? Yahoo Bookmarks adds tagging and folder categories to your bookmarks, plus some other nice features integrated with the newer version of the yahoo toolbar.

tag, you’re it!

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LA Weight Loss experience

people tell me i don’t look my age, or that i look just fine in spite of my complaints about my weight. truth is, i don’t look that great and my stomach is a smiley face – not a pretty sight. my very-petite-size-nothing-20-something-daughter couldn’t believe she actually can’t get into a very expensive designer skirt that I haven’t been able to wear since menopause hit 5 years ago. ‘you were that thin?’ she asked in astonishment. well…yeh, i was!

so, frustrated by facing the prospect of upsizing one more time just to find something nice to wear on a trip to corporate, i drove across the parking lot and walked into the brand spanking new LA Weight Loss center. at least there i wouldn’t have to commit to group therapy, maybe only expensive food.

well, this is the beginning of my LAWL experience. i promise to hold nothing back and tell all so that anyone who is considering, or is already enrolled, can be prepared.

first of all, the counselors are former LAWL participants who try to inspire you with their own stories. ok, that’s a good tactic, and an expected one. don’t we all relate to ‘been there, done that?’

secondly, they work on some sort of commission plan. i got lucky and hit the program on a half-off promotion with a rebate equivalent to the other half of the normal cost. if I stick to my 52-week commitment, i will have gotten the program for free. that’s just for the counseling part of the program.

the costly part of the program is in the foods and supplements. because of my various and sundry food restrictions and lupus, i’m not a ‘candidate’ for most of their supplements, like the carb and fat blockers. apparently, there are ingredients that would be harmful to me. hmmm…that’s a red flag for the general troops, i’d say. when i balked at forking over $500+ for a few months worth of their ‘highly recommended’ Lite Bars, opting instead to spend the ridiculous sum of $32 for a week’s supply (2/day = 14), and admitting i may be nuts for doing it that way, it dawned on me that i was depriving my friendly counselor a commission on what would have been a feather in her sales cap.

too bad. it’s my bloody money and i’ll spend it whichever way i want. besides, who has room to store several months worth of these darned bars, anyway. at $32/week, i can expect to spend $1664 on bars, alone. that works out to roughly $2.30/bar, more than twice what i spend on my favorite protein and energy bars, or almost $5/day. considering i don’t smoke, drink or patronize the local latte factory, i suppose this could be considered my ‘vice’ spending.

today, in addition to 1 box of bars to carry me through the rest of this week (since i didn’t finish both boxes last week), i bought a ‘survival pack’ for $19.95, containing 3 LA Snacks, 2 JetStarts, 2 slimming drinks and 1 box of LA Splash drink mixes (10/box) that you add to your bottled water, all packed in an attractive insulated lunch container that will be very useful in my gear bag, anyway.

the LA Lite bars that i’ve tried so far have the consistency of marzipan coated in chocolate. the flavor is okay, if you’re used to protein and energy bars, which i am. but, they have somewhat of a laxative effect on me (the counselor said they have the opposite effect on her). you’re supposed to eat 2 of these bars per day; i’ve not been able to do that consistently, yet.

the Cheese Curls from the LA Snacks line have absolutely no flavor whatsoever. i’ll be taking the bag to compare to my favorite crunchy cheese snacks. no flavor, no sense of satisfaction, is how i see it.

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youTube => googTube…what’s next?

now that the deal seems fairly clinched with , and even though it won’t be completely finalized until later in the year, who do you think will be ‘s next target? it’s hugely apparent that google is bent on ruling the web2 world, where yahoo once ruled the ‘old’ world.

more power to goog, yeh!

so-called modern girls

i’m seriously addicted to old movies from the 1930’s and 40’s because they are so full of great acting, interesting – sometimes dark – story lines and perspectives. the past couple of days, though, i’ve been rather incensed by a certain male chauvinist thread in films about marriage and career women and thankful for the evolution of social attitude toward a woman’s right to control her own destiny without dependence upon a male partner.

what sparked this blog entry was the last straw: ‘Week-end Marriage,’ (1932)  with Loretta Young as a woman building a career while her unemployed husband, Norman Foster, tries to curtail her professional advancements for his own selfish desire to keep her home. when he falls ill with pneumonia, she is sent an urgent telegram that brings her home from out of town and is admonished by the doctor who harbors resentment toward ‘so-called modern girls’ who disrupt the notion of wifedom and family by wanting careers.

i’d have told him not to let the door hit him on his way out! so many of the older movies treated adultery as the acceptable behavior of the rich, the rule being that the wife’s was to be kept quiet, while the husband’s could be out in public. how very aristocratic, eh? meanwhile, career girls were snubbed by their friends and family, harassed by their love partners and employers and criticized for trying to juggle family and work – without consideration given to the financial need to do so.

of course, our times are different due to economic pressures on a growing cost of living, falling incomes, rising taxes and more. perhaps these are similar issues faced in the 30’s and 40’s, just on a different scale due to inflation across the board. all the same, i’m happy to be able to take advantage of personal freedoms we enjoy in today’s society than be faced with the seriously restrictive social attitudes, should I say ‘platitudes,’ of generations past. since when is it supposed to be viewed as ‘juggling’ family and career, when it really should be ‘balance.’ what corporate america gets so terribly wrong is that their very lack of balance disrupts the family well-being. think about it; another topic for a long vent.

what is also not so positive is the evolution of decadence and degeneration of our society. as technology advances, so does the type and level of crime and corruption, eh?

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