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so-called modern girls

i’m seriously addicted to old movies from the 1930’s and 40’s because they are so full of great acting, interesting – sometimes dark – story lines and perspectives. the past couple of days, though, i’ve been rather incensed by a certain male chauvinist thread in films about marriage and career women and thankful for the evolution of social attitude toward a woman’s right to control her own destiny without dependence upon a male partner.

what sparked this blog entry was the last straw: ‘Week-end Marriage,’ (1932)  with Loretta Young as a woman building a career while her unemployed husband, Norman Foster, tries to curtail her professional advancements for his own selfish desire to keep her home. when he falls ill with pneumonia, she is sent an urgent telegram that brings her home from out of town and is admonished by the doctor who harbors resentment toward ‘so-called modern girls’ who disrupt the notion of wifedom and family by wanting careers.

i’d have told him not to let the door hit him on his way out! so many of the older movies treated adultery as the acceptable behavior of the rich, the rule being that the wife’s was to be kept quiet, while the husband’s could be out in public. how very aristocratic, eh? meanwhile, career girls were snubbed by their friends and family, harassed by their love partners and employers and criticized for trying to juggle family and work – without consideration given to the financial need to do so.

of course, our times are different due to economic pressures on a growing cost of living, falling incomes, rising taxes and more. perhaps these are similar issues faced in the 30’s and 40’s, just on a different scale due to inflation across the board. all the same, i’m happy to be able to take advantage of personal freedoms we enjoy in today’s society than be faced with the seriously restrictive social attitudes, should I say ‘platitudes,’ of generations past. since when is it supposed to be viewed as ‘juggling’ family and career, when it really should be ‘balance.’ what corporate america gets so terribly wrong is that their very lack of balance disrupts the family well-being. think about it; another topic for a long vent.

what is also not so positive is the evolution of decadence and degeneration of our society. as technology advances, so does the type and level of crime and corruption, eh?

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