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difficult people

there’s a messageboard at called ‘dealing with difficult people.’ now, just who do you suppose frequents that board? it attracts the most difficult members of the community.

it seems there is a law of nature that dictates there has to be at least one difficult coworker who is not your boss/manager. i just read an article that says the negative person has a right to feel that way. perhaps. but, that negative person does not have the right to make my life miserable out of pure spite. the author of the article recommends addressing the negativity directly with the person.

i simply don’t have that kind of patience.

this is interesting: workplace personalities

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  Pink Truth (formerly Mary Kay Sucks) wrote @

Speaking of difficult people… Any chance I could get you to update our link in your sidebar? Mary Kay Sucks has moved to

Same Mary Kay Reality, different blog name.

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