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happily holidaying


chaos = can’t have anyone over syndrome (because the house looks like an ongoing construction zone, which it partially is)

and also the normal state of affairs at work

thanksgiving usa 2006 was spent peacefully with my own progeny and extended family member, noticeably without any matriarchal madness for a change. frankly, it can be a very enjoyable holiday without sniveling siblings and their typical family frenetics to upset my household. but, what’s a holiday season without that, you might ask, lol!

in any case, having already passed the half century mark in age, i prefer to control how my holidays are spent and my attentions are turning toward the third world, where we conspicuous spenders can offer help and attention to children who would not have a Christmas, or small loans to women living in poverty to embark upon a path of financial independence.

my sniveling siblings are far too self-centered to grok the true meaning of this season. so, i’m being the Grinch to them, hehehe.

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