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microlending – the new entrepreneurship

a couple of months ago, i was up watching late-night PBS and caught a story about microlending to women startup businesses in third world countries. the focus was upon, a san francisco based non-profit started by a couple of young folks inspired by something they experienced while on a trip overseas. as i recall, one had a background in commercial or investment banking (that always catches my interest, as that’s the world i came from). their goal was to find a way to provide small loans to assist startups where traditional bank lending was impossible/improbable.

this being the holiday season, i finally made a commitment to go ahead and become a lender by providing the final dollar amount needed to complete a small request, and am now looking through other requests to see where else i can contribute.

frankly, this is far more exciting, and promises to be far more fulfilling, than dealing with my squabbling siblings over who got left out of last year’s buddy or ornament exchange (from what i understand, it was because the recipient was out of town) and the fact that someone (related only by marriage) wants to impose what i find an alienating restriction upon who can participant.

after withdrawing myself from that madness, electing to focus on more important issues in life, i decided to review microlending opportunities and chose kiva.

already i’m excited about contributing to the growth of a third world woman’s business. this is what the spirit of the season is all about!

so, not only am i helping another aspiring entrepreneur, i’m fulfilling part of the entrepreneurial spirit in me.

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