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apple in my eyesight…

my daughter and I stopped in at the Apple store, while strolling through our newest local mall with mom et al (this having been Mother’s Day weekend in the USA), and I have to say that, even though I’m already an Apple fan, I’m even more convinced that company knows how to market!

ooh, ahh, wookie-wookie – all the new toys were to be tested, fun attachments for our iPods were to be found, laptops were there for the ogling (I know just the one I want to replace my old Windows-driven, hehehe) and my daughter asked if she could take advantage of my academic discount.

what really impressed me was the mobile, handheld checkout device the salespeople carry. when you’re ready to check out, a salesperson is there with what looks like the thing the UPS guy has you sign when he drops off a package, but, the Apple guy can swipe your credit card, enter your email and transmit your receipt to your email address. how cool is that!

now, if only the other electronics stores we shop at would be so customer friendly…

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