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remembering lady bird

umpteen years ago, my daughter and I were waiting for her flight to Nashville to visit friends. she was in grade school, at the time. also sitting next to us in the lounge area was a tiny lady whose face was terribly familiar. being the bold person I am, I made the comment to her that she probably gets told often that she looks like Lady Bird Johnson. she laughed and said, “That’s because I am!”

we struck up a friendly conversation, she said was on her way to Martha’s Vineyard and on the same flight with my daughter and would “look out for her.” my daughter asked why I was talking to the little lady when I didn’t even know her, which made Lady Bird’s security guard roll with laughter.

I wished I had a camera (no camera phones, then). Lady Bird was gracious, sweet – and so very tiny! my daughter told me that she did “look out for her” on that flight, too.

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tour de france 2007

since last saturday, I’ve been glued to Versus watching the broadcast of this year’s tour de france. it’s the first year without any of the “usual” GC contenders dominating the race, and with a few personnel changes. a former armstrong teammate now leads Discovery, while another former D-teammate rides in support of a rival. new names, no predictable winner and a historic first start in London stack up to an exciting new tour.

so far, it has been a bumpy ride. while I miss the “blue train” of tours past, it’s great to see a new train behind this week’s yellow jersey. who knows what next week will bring.

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