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TDF 2008 – Stage 2: Versus jersey changes hands

Auray – St. Brieuc

What I’m enjoying the most is that this Tour is not so predictable as in the past because the human variables have changed drastically as the organization embarks upon a “brand new start.” On a blustery, partially rainy day with a lovely start from Bernard Hinaut’s home town (what’s with that little silver plate presented to the legendary cyclist?), the mighty Thor stole the finish line from a potential Columbia win. Team Columbia, with Kirchen (place 2) and Ciolek(place 3), makes another good showing on their second day, leaving teammate Cavendish, one of today’s favorites to take the finish, out of the top 10. Perhaps Big George Hincapie’s unparalleled experience and wisdom is proving a powerful influence on this new team. As for Garmin-Chipotle, where the heck are they?

Overall, Valverde keeps a 1 second advantage and the mellow yellow. Kirchen takes the green jersey, hail Columbia! (And Craig Hummer takes the Versus commentator’s yellow jersey out of suspension and away from Paul Sherwin.) Whatever happened to Al Trautweig?

Sound off: What do you think about no Prologue and no time bonuses for the top 3 finishers in this year’s Tour? Do you think the French organizations are simply trying to stack the deck in their favor?


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